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Supporting Small Business


When you purchase products from a small company that creates products

in small batches, you are making a much better choice for you and your

family then those of major retailers. 

We assume that all products are created equally, but once you purchase a handmade product from The Mossy Stump Soap Co. you will notice the difference in not only the product but also the results you get on your skin. 


We are dedicated to providing products that are as close to natural as possible. 

We create in small batches so that we can maintain quality and freshness

of our products. 


Our ingredients are responsibly sourced and non-gmo.

Soaps are vegan and do not contain Palm oil. 


All formulations are done in a way to provide as much wonderful

skin loving ingredients we can.


We are always looking for ingredients that are sustainable, natural and when possible, local.

 Did You Know:

Most commercial soaps have no glycerin?  Why?  Because it is sold to other companies for other products. 


Glycerin is a very important pure and natural ingredient that is used in so many products as a humectant to draw moisture to your skin. 


By creating cold process or hot process handmade soap, we do not remove the glycerin that is created in the process of soap making, therefore you get the many benefits of it in all natural handmade soaps.

 Natural Products VS

Nearly Natural Products:

Natural products are made without the use of colorants other than botanicals and clays as well as using essential oils for fragrance.  Nearly Natural Products are still an excellent choice, however, in order to get the bright colours, skin safe colorants are used as well as fragrances that are paraben and phthalate free to give you scents that we are not able to create with essential oils.

 Private Label and Wholesale:

We specialize in Private Label and Wholesale of products. 

If you require information on either, please complete the

Contact Us Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Custom orders may require a 4 - 6 week lead time.

Spas and Clinics:

For Spas and Clinics, please use the TBT Clay Contour Tab

with your sign-on code or send an email with your order to 

Please note that TBT Products are only sold to approved

Spas and Clinics and not for retail.


Shipping is with Canada Post.


Once an order is shipped, we will email

you with the tracking number. 

Orders are shipped 3 - 5 business days

from the date payment is received.

At this time we are only doing wholesale within Canada.

Wholesale and custom orders may require a minimum of  4 - 6 weeks.


2015tm The Mossy Stump Soap Co.R

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